English title: Mechanism of attaining professional and managerial positions and gender. The case of Estonia

Author(s): Ave Roots -

Language: English

Type: Journal article

Year: 2014


Estonia is a country where the gender segregation and gender wage cap are the greatest in Europe (European Institute for Gender Equality 2013). Previous research shows that men and women also have to use different strategies to reach the highest positions in the labour market(Roots 2011a; Titma, Roots, and Soidla 2010). Estonian data from European Social Survey 2010 show that occupation attainment to managerial and professional strata are indeed predicted by different factors, but after adding the variable of gender segregation in the immediate work place the occupation attainment mechanisms of men and women start to resemble. Therefore the main reason of the different occupation attainment mechanisms is labour market segregation.

Volume: 63

Issue: 2

From page no: 93

To page no: 107

Refereed: Yes


Journal: Przeglad Socjologiczny

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