Политическое участие в странах Европы: Общественный контекст и социально-культурные неравенства

English title: Political Participation in Europe: Societal Context and Socio-Cultural Inequalities

Author(s): Viacheslav Safronov -

Language: Russian

Type: Journal article

Year: 2015


Article is devoted to a comparative study of political participation and political inequalities in Europe and their dependence on societal context. European Social Survey 2008 data - nationally representative surveys, 28 countries, - and information from the European statistics and research projects on the economic, social and political differences between these countries were analyzed using statistical methods of two-level modeling. It was found that the ESS countries are very different in terms of political participation. These differences depend primarily on the development of the welfare state, a society's ability to control corruption and the level of economic development of the country - with the growth of these indicators, more and more citizens are involved in politics. Political participation is higher in those countries where activities of the government institutions are closely linked to the interests of most citizens and accountable to them. The article also discusses the political inequality arising from the social structuring and modern ideological conflicts in European societies.

Volume: 18

Issue: 1

From page no: 26

To page no: 37

Refereed: Yes


Journal: Телескоп: журнал социологических и маркетинговых исследований

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