Polska - Europa. Wyniki Europejskiego Sondażu Społecznego 2002-2012

English title: Poland - Europe. Findings from the European Social Survey 2002-2012

Author(s): Pawel B. Sztabiński - Franciszek Sztabiński -

Language: Polish

Type: Book (monograph)



This book presents findings from the European Social Survey 2002-2012 with special focus on Polish results and longitudinal and cross-national comparisons. Chapters cover the following topics: social trust, trust towards institutions, participation in the social protests (Henryk Domanski), subjective opinions on health conditions (Antonina Ostrowska), religion (Zbigniew Mikolejko), perception of the immigration issues (Kinga Wysienska), satisfaction with individual and social life (Franciszek Sztabinski, Anna Dyjas-Pokorska). It contains also: the Introduction (Andrzej Rychard), Information about European Social Survey (Pawel Sztabinski) and Documentation by Theme.

City: Warsaw

Edition: 0

ISBN: 9788376830797

Number of pages: 90

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