Poder local: Do povo ou do estado? Estudo comparativo: Reino Unido, França e Portugal

English title: Local government: Does it belong to the people or the state? A comparative study of the UK, France and Portugal

Author(s): Ana Cristina Fernandes Simões -

Language: Portugese

Type: Thesis / dissertation

Year: 2014


Abstract This investigation develops a study on the theme of Local Government in Portugal and seeks the answer to the inevitable question: is there Local Government in Portugal? It analyzes the local authority as a phenomenon whose distinguishing traits are based on a democratic regime, which calls for the increase in the political participation of citizens. Through a Comparative Study of Local Power in European contexts in the UK, France and Portugal, the extent to which our country is presented as a sui generis case will be assessed at the Local Government level. Highlighting that, in addition to the Central State losing economic and social force, before the political effects of globalization through European enlargement, on the other hand, unlike the UK and the France, it retains its strength in the dependence created at the local level. We consider that we have an unfinished Local Authority which is under construction as a real power to the citizens. The data presented are the result of a comparative study between the Local Authorities in the three countries, through a comparison of the models, reveal that the Local Government in Portugal does not have the same degree of consistency and financial ability we found in other european countries. Given the refocusing of the Central State and the European Union despite not having in Portugal meant the introduction of a new equation, based on new possibilities and potentials in terms of local administration, a model which we consider to be a viable alternative in the political system of Local Government is presented, based on participatory democracy. For this investigation the European Social Survey (ESS) conducted every two years throughout Europe since 2001 was used, having been adapted from the original European transnational inquiry ESS6 applied in 2012 in more than 20 countries. In this study of comparative content, were considered the data collected with the same instrument in the UK, France and Portugal in 2012, and were analyzed citizens' views of the three countries, considering how the government of their country and their participation in political life (interests, preferences, experiences and criticism) and the implications and effects of that on Local Government, and it was found that the differences are more significant between Portugal and the United Kingdom than with France. Keywords: Local Government - State – Citizenship - Democracy - Participation


Awarding institution: ULHT

Number of pages: 360

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