Rahulolu demokraatia toimimisega Eestis

English title: Satisfaction with the functioning of democracy in Estonia

Author(s): Piret Ehin - Liisa Talving -

Language: Estonian

Type: Report, working paper

Year: 2014


The general satisfaction with how democracy works is lower in Estonia than in countries involved in the ESS on average but higher compared to most other post communist countries. Half of the Estonian-speakers and a quarter of Russian-speakers in Estonia are rather or very satisfied with the functioning of democracy. Russian-speakers are more critical towards the possibilities to criticize the government, the protection of minority rights as well as the fairness and rightfulness of elections. Satisfaction with democracy is highly correlated with educational and income level: people with higher education and better economic situation are much more satisfied with how democracy works in Estonia. The largest gap between the expectations and the actual functioning of democracy lies in the social protection area. People consider it necessary for the incumbent to protect the citizens from poverty but are convinced that currently the government is not doing enough.

Edition: 0

Institution: University of Tartu Press

Number of pages: 13

Number: 0


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