Demokraatia tähendus

English title: The meaning of democracy

Author(s): Piret Ehin - Liisa Talving -

Language: Estonian

Type: Report, working paper

Year: 2014


Although the general understanding of the meaning of democracy in Estonia is similar to this in other countries, notable differences appear across population groups. In addition to free and fair elections, important democratic elements are objective courts and rule of law as well as people having enough information about the work of government. In addition, Russian-speakers in Estonia see social solidarity and protection of minority rights as central elements of democracy. Roughly two thirds of both Estonian- and Russian-speakers consider unlimited freedom of speech the best solution for democracy. However, the proportion of those who think that expressing extreme views should be restricted is higher among Estonian-speakers.

Edition: 0

Institution: University of Tartu Press

Number of pages: 10

Number: 0


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