Attitudes and Values of the Europeans: A Gender Perspective

English title: Attitudes and Values of the Europeans: A Gender Perspective

Author(s): Rita Mendes - Tiago Lapa - Anália Torres - Rui Brites -

Language: English

Type: Conference paper/poster

Year: 2005


This paper is based on the data provided by the "European Social Survey", a survey that aims to measure and interpret changes occurring, along the time, in the attitudes, perceptions and social behaviour of the Europeans, and their interaction with the changes in the economic, social and political spheres. The data is from 2002, the first wave of enquiries (Round 1), and is available for 21 countries. Although it is known that the differences within sexes are much more significant than the differences between sexes, the tendency is to overstress the later ones. In this paper we analyse, in a transversal perspective centred on gender, all the answers of the questionnaire, addressing some of the main issues of the survey like the exposition to media, politics, the subjective perception of well-being and security and human values and trying to evaluate differences and similarities between men and women. What will prevail? Differences or similarities?

Conference name: 1st Congress of the European Association for Survey Research

Location: Barcelona

Start date: Jul 18, 2005

Type: Paper

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