Eestlaste ja vähemusrahvuste esindajate töö- ja pereelu konflikt Eestis

English title: Estonians' and ethnic minorities' work-family conflict in Estonia

Author(s): Kairi Kasearu -

Language: Estonian

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2013


Applying the work-life module from ESS 2004 and ESS 2010, the working paper compares the Estonian’s and ethnic minorities work and family life conflict in Estonia. The main result is that although ethnic minorities perceive higher level of work-family conflict, it is mainly explained by the different position in labor market. Ethnic minorities have more likely non-standard work schedules; they are more often working in night shifts and weekends. Thus the differences in Estonians’ and non-Estonians’ work-life conflict are mainly explained by work sphere not by family sphere.

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Anthology: Analysis of possibilities for reconciliation of work and family life by ethnic minorities

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