Tööväärtused töö ja pereelu ühendajana

English title: Work values as reconciliators between work and family

Author(s): Andu Rämmer -

Language: Estonian

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2013


The purpose of the study is to reveal differences in work values between Estonians and ethnic Russian-speakers. Analyses base in the European Value Study (1990, 1999 and 2008) and World Value Survey (2011), but also European Social Survey data (2004 and 2010) was used. Both ethnic groups considered family more important than work and first was more important for Russians while second for Estonians. Both ethnic groups endorsed income as most important aspect in job. Ethnic minorities tended to endorse job security significantly higher than Estonians. Estonians preferred more flexible hours but Russian-speakers preferred to take generous holidays. We also draw some significant gender differences: men tended to be oriented on instrumental goals (like promotion opportunities job) while women endorsed social values (like possibility to reconcile work and family life).

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Anthology: Analysis of possibilities for reconciliation of work and family life by ethnic minorities

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