Macht und Leistung als Werte in Europa. Über gesellschaftliche und individuelle Einflüsse auf Wertprioritäten

English title: Power and Achievement as Values within Europe. About Societal and Individual Influences on Values Priorities

Author(s): Dennis Köthemann -

Language: German

Type: Book (monograph)



Power- and achievement-Values are seen to be important for productivity and societal stability. But what exact factors drive the forces to adhere to power- and achievement-values? In this study, the focus is on societal development, the strength of different social institutions and social stratification. It is shown that Inglehart’s scarcity hypothesis, as an explaining mechanism, has some weaknesses. As an alternative the theory of social production functions is suggested. The comparability of power- and achievement-values across countries and across the societal and the individual level is tested by using two-level confirmatory factor analysis.

City: Wiesbaden

Edition: 1

ISBN: 9783658031077

Number of pages: 201

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