Kas töö- ja pereelu edukas ühitamine suurendab eluga rahulolu?

English title: Does reconciliation of work and family life influence life satisfaction?

Author(s): Mare Ainsaar -

Language: Estonian

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2013


ESS 2010 analyses in Estonia gave results as follows: Life satisfaction of parents who work is essentially influenced by abilities to reconciliation work and family life. The most important is that the work would not disturb the family life (model also included income level, health, trust). The opposite situation when work is disturbed by family life did not have interaction with life satisfaction. The hours at work did not influence life satisfaction either. Also ethnic differences were analysed. Home language turned out to be the best variable to analyse ethnic differences in ESS. Titular population was more satisfied with work and life, but the there was no ethnic differences in work – life balance problems between titular and non-titular population.

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Anthology: Analysis of possibilities for reconciliation of work and family life by ethnic minorities

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