English title: Measuring Intergenerational Educational Mobility in Greece

Author(s): Maria Symeonaki - Rania Filopoulou - Glykeria Stamatopoulou -

Language: English

Type: Conference paper/poster

Year: 2011


The present paper studies educational mobility in Greece based on heuristic knowledge and data drawn from the European Social Survey. This is an effort to combine the knowledge deriving from the theories of educational mobility and from real data in order to best simulate the existing conditions influencing educational mobility. The proposed model focuses on the transitions observed between the educational level of the respondents and their parents in order to explore whether the parental educational level affects their children’s education and in what degree. Moreover, a cohort analysis is used to verify possible variations in different age groups. Finally, a fuzzy expert system is proposed for estimating the transition probabilities.

Conference name: Applied Stochastic Models and Data Analysis

Location: Rome, Italy

Start date: Jun 7, 2011

Type: Paper

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