Relationship networks and well being in contemporary Greek Society: A multiple level approach

English title: Relationship networks and well being in contemporary Greek Society: A multiple level approach

Author(s): K. Kafetsios -

Language: English

Type: Conference paper/poster

Year: 2004


An extensive and coherent body of social and psychological research identifies supportive personal and social networks as important causal and moderating factors for emotional and physical health and quality of life (e.g., House, Landis, & Umbertson, 1988). Hence, results from a recent large European study ( that recorded significant and unexpectedly lower rates of social networking, happiness and life satisfaction in Greece (in comparison with the other European countries) were intriguing, especially in light of established ideas about cultural values and social networking (extensive social networks and quality of life in more collectivist). The paper will present further evidence from two studies (Kafetsios, 2002. Kafetsios & Nezlek, 2003) that looked at aspects of relating and wellbeing across the life course in Northern Greece and partly concur with the EKKE results. The first, cross-sectional study of 239 participants, demonstrated a higher impact of personality variables over the rather weaker influence of relational (social support, frequency of interactions etc.) variables on wellbeing. The second, diary study, targeted the mediating factors of positive and negative emotion and social support in every day interactions during the period of one week in Greece and the UK. The discussion will focus on the psychological and social factors that act simultaneously at different levels of analysis (individual, interactional, relational, social and cultural), to impact psychological wellbeing and the quality of life in Modern Greek Society.

Conference name: 1st International Conference: Quality of life and Psychology

Location: Thessaloniki

Start date: Dec 3, 2004

Type: Paper

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