Мониторинг на теренната работа на ESS-2009 в България

English title: Fieldwork monitoring on ESS-2009 in Bulgaria

Author(s): Petya Ilieva -

Language: Bulgarian

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2010


The paper aims at exploring the stage of data collection of the fourth round of the European Social Survey (2009). More specifically, it focuses on the Bulgarian case and presents it as a good practice for achieving high survey quality which goes beyond the information for high response rates. It is argued that in order good quality of the collected information to be achieved it is necessary not only monitoring on the quality of the data collection process and control on the quality of the collected information to be implemented but also the role of interviewers as key actors in the data collection process to be recognised and managed wisely. The paper outlines some of the main effects achieved as a result of the fieldwork monitoring and control on data quality and provides some suggestions for future improvement on data collection process.

From page no: 409

To page no: 429

Anthology: Wellbeing and Trust: Bulgaria in Europe?

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