English title: Stains on the coin: A capability perspective towards employability of higher education graduates in Bulgaria

Author(s): Petya Ilieva-Trichkova -

Language: English

Type: Conference paper/poster

Year: 2013


The paper examines the employability of higher education graduates in Bulgaria in the context of higher education expansion and economic crisis. It adopts a comparative perspective by placing Bulgaria among other post-communist countries – Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. The paper contributes to previous research on graduate employability by applying the theoretical framework of the capability approach to the extent that it takes into account the qualitative side of employability and reveals sensitivity to problems of inequalities, social justice and human development. It is argued that the high employment rates among graduates mask the problems that they are currently experiencing on the labour market. The paper draws on data from the European Social Survey and uses descriptive statistics and logistic regression for its analysis. Results outline different forms of graduate vulnerability and raise concerns about employability deprivation which may be seen in a wider perspective as deprivation of the capability for work among the most qualified.

Conference name: EDUWEL – FINAL CONFERENCE “To live a life one has reason to value” – Enhancing opportunities for socially vulnerable youth in Europe

Location: Valencia

Start date: Jun 3, 2013

Type: Paper

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