Measuring religious membership and religiosity across Europe

English title: Measuring religious membership and religiosity across Europe

Author(s): C. Wolf -

Language: English

Type: Conference paper/poster

Year: 2004


Although religious membership and, to a lesser extend, religiosity traditionally are thought to belong to the central core of background variables the problem of their measurement in crossnational surveys has not attracted much attention. Utilizing the European Social Survey (ESS) the paper attempts a first analysis for the European context. In addition to current or former denomination the ESS data contain three indicators of religiosity each representing a distinct area of religiousness: public religious behavior, i.e. church attendance; private religious behavior, i.e. prayer; and intensity of belief, i.e. subjective religiosity. Using these data the paper addresses two sets of questions: Firstly, is the relationship between the three indicators stable across European countries? If there are differences, can they be explained by the religious composition of the countries or related country differences? Secondly, how do these indicators vary across denominations? Is the denomination-specific religious profile constant across European countries?

Conference name: Sixth International Conference on Social Science Methodology

Location: Amsterdam

Start date: Aug 16, 2004

Type: Paper

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