English title: Uncovering Societal and Individual Determinants of Power- and Achievement-Values. An Application of Multilevel Confirmatory Factor Analysis with Covariates

Author(s): Dennis Köthemann -

Language: English

Type: Conference paper/poster

Year: 2013


In the area of comparative value research some studies deal with societal factors like socioeconomic development influencing values (e.g. Inglehart). Other analyses focus on individual factors like social stratification (e.g. Kohn & Schooler). However, it lacks research taking into account societal- and individual-factors within a multilevel framework. This paper applies multilevel confirmatory factor analysis with covariates (Muthén & Muthén 2010) to explain differences in the priority of power- and achievement-values at both levels. Some advantages using this kind of analysis for comparative research are demonstrated, e.g. testing cross-country- and cross-level invariances.

Conference name: 5th Conference of the European Survey Research Association

Location: Ljubljana

Start date: Jul 18, 2013

Type: Paper

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