English title: A second-order medium? The Internet as a source of electoral information in 25 European countries

Author(s): Wainer Lusoli -

Language: English

Type: Journal article

Year: 2005


There is growing interest worldwide concerning new communication technologies and the electoral process. Studies of online elections have yielded a sizeable body of knowledge on the strategies of electoral actors in an increasing range of countries. Although in the US data are routinely gathered regarding citizens' use of the Internet as a source of electoral information, limited cross-sectional evidence originates from the EU. None of this is comparative. Using data from Flash EuroBarometer 161, this article examines European citizens' use of the Internet for electoral information regarding the 2004 European Parliament election. Specifically, it discusses use of the Internet for political information in relation to location, technological development, traditional media, individual social position, political attitudes and voting turnout in 25 countries. At micro, individual level, a model is built that controls for traditional predictors of electoral media consumption, such as age, gender, education, political interest, and electoral connectedness and activity. At the macro, country level, the article explores the import of the electoral system and rules, compulsory voting, GDP per capita, levels of electoral engagement of traditional mediators (governments, parties, press) and voting turnout on the use of the Internet for electoral information. Overall, the article introduces original evidence and analysis of the role of the Internet in European elections, and contributes to the debate on the media and elections in a comparative perspective.

Volume: 10

Issue: 4

From page no: 247

To page no: 265

Refereed: Yes


Journal: Information Polity

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