English title: A social democratic model of civil society

Author(s): Dag Wollebæk - Per Selle -

Language: English

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2010


In this chapter, we argue that the characterization of the Norwegian model of organized civil society as social democratic is misleading. The conflict and collectivist-oriented movements which made a lasting imprint on the sector, predate social democracy. Their contribution include the introduction of a hierarchical local-national organizational structure, which perhaps more than anything else unites the Nordic countries but is not discussed in any of the regime theories. Second, in the heyday of social democracy, it was not 'expressive' organizations that expanded, but organizations within the welfare field. Finally, in the current period, social democracy has lost its hegemony. The sector is increasingly characterized by individualist and consensus-oriented organizations. This current growth in 'expressive' organizations cannot reasonably be seen as product of social democracy, but rather of globalization and neo-liberal ideas.

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Anthology: Changing Images of Civil Society

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