Data quality assessment in ESS Round 1: Between wishes and reality

English title: Data quality assessment in ESS Round 1: Between wishes and reality

Author(s): Jaak Billiet - M. Phillipens -

Language: English

Type: Conference paper/poster

Year: 2004


The quality assessment of the obtained data from first round of ESS is based on a conceptual framework of a pragmatic approach to data quality assessment1. It combines aspects of the total survey error approach that are focused on output evaluation, and the total quality management approach, which is concentrated on process evaluation. It was intended to cover the process and output aspects of both the sample obtained, and the registered responses. For practical reasons, not all elements of the full pragmatic approach could be addressed in the first round of ESS, but the most important ones are covered. The utilisation of extensive uniform contact forms was crucial. Most of the countries performed well on this. Documenting the process of contacting the sample units within several sampling designs and contacting strategies, obtaining information about the reasons of non-contacts and refusal, constructing comparable non-response rates over countries, and obtaining information about co-operative respondents, reluctant respondents, and non-respondents were the main functions of the contact forms. The paper evaluates the performance of the participating agencies, and discusses the possibilities of improvement. The study is mainly based on the analysis of contact forms data, but also on substantial data from the main questionnaires.

Conference name: Sixth International Conference on Social Science Methodology

Location: Amsterdam

Start date: Aug 16, 2004

Type: Paper

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