Exploratie van de module 'Vertrouwen in politie en rechtbanken' uit de 5de Ronde van het European Social Survey

English title: Exploration of the module 'Trust in Criminal Justice' Round 5 of the European Social Survey

Author(s): Dries Tirry - G. Loosveldt - Stefaan Pleysier -

Language: Dutch

Type: Report, working paper

Year: 2012


This report gives a first overview of the results of the rotating module 'Trust in Criminal Justice: A Comparative European Analysis' that has been included in Round 5 of the European Social Survey. It should incite researchers and policy makers to empirically test theories and hypotheses based on these reliable and crossnational data on criminal justice.

Edition: 0

Institution: KU Leuven, Centrum voor Sociologisch Onderzoek

Number of pages: 43

Number: 0


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