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Eurobarometer and Euroscepticism

First published on his personal website, Erik Gahner Larsen - of the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Kent - investigates a recent claim that Eurobarometer overestimates public support for the EU. READ MORE >>


Asylum seekers and immigrant threat

In an article first published by The Conversation, Arno Van Hootegem and Bart Meuleman (KU Leuven) highlight the findings from their research, based on our survey data measuring attitudes towards immigration, collected over 15 years. READ MORE >>


Social diversity is initially threatening but people adapt

In an article first published by The Conversation, Miguel Ramos and Miles Hewstone (University of Oxford), Douglas Massey (Princeton University) and Matthew Bennett (University of Birmingham) introduce research based on analysis of our data. READ MORE >>


Measuring education in the ESS and EVS

Lucilla Losi, Angelica Maineri and Ruud Luijkx (European Values Study, Tilburg University) and Silke Schneider and Verena Ortmanns (European Social Survey, GESIS) explain how the measurement of education has been harmonized across the two surveys. READ MORE >>


Sir Roger Jowell Memorial Lecture 2018

Professor Jane Green, Professor of Political Science at the University of Manchester, delivered this year's lecture in memory of our co-founder, Sir Roger Jowell. In this blog post to accompany the lecture, Professor Green assesses recent British elections. READ MORE >>


Public attitudes to Climate Change and Energy

Questions measuring attitudes towards climate change and energy were fielded in Round 8 (2016) for the first time. In our latest post, Professor Wouter Poortinga (Cardiff University) explains why we need to gauge public opinion in this area. READ MORE >>

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