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Sir Roger Jowell Memorial Lecture 2018

Professor Jane Green, Professor of Political Science at the University of Manchester, delivered this year's lecture in memory of our co-founder, Sir Roger Jowell. In this blog post to accompany the lecture, Professor Green assesses recent British elections. READ MORE >>


Public attitudes to Climate Change and Energy

Questions measuring attitudes towards climate change and energy were fielded in Round 8 (2016) for the first time. In our latest post, Professor Wouter Poortinga (Cardiff University) explains why we need to gauge public opinion in this area. READ MORE >>


Assessing support for universal basic income

ESS Director, Professor Rory Fitzgerald, has written an article for The Conversation that analyses public support for the introduction of a universal basic income scheme. A question on the topic was fielded in our Round 8 (2016) survey for the first time. READ MORE >>


Welfare attitudes in a changing Europe

Earlier this week, we released data for 18 of the 24 countries who took part in Round 8 (2016). In this post, Wim van Oorschot - who helped design the welfare module in Round 8 - explains the importance of repeating this Round 4 (2008) module. READ MORE >>


Social inequalities in health and their determinants

Tim Huijts of the University of York was part of the team who developed the Round 7 rotating module on health. In this article, he explains why it was important to measure self-reported health as part of the European Social Survey. READ MORE >>


Findings from the ESS: Immigration

In our latest article, Professor Anthony Heath and Lindsay Richards of the Centre for Social Investigation (University of Oxford) assess responses to our rotating module on immigration - fielded most recently in Round 7 (2014/15). READ MORE >>

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