ESS7 Corrected F61 (ANCTRY1 and ANCTRY2) variables available

A file with corrected ANCTRY1 and ANCTRY2 variables has now been made available from the ESS7 Data Download page, In addition to correcting the previously alerted error in the Finnish ANCTRY1 and ANCTRY2 variables, corrections in ANCTRY1 and ANCTRY2 have been made for the following countries:
Denmark (ANCTRY1: 52 cases, ANCTRY2: 33 cases)
Germany (ANCTRY1: 2 cases, ANCTRY2: 1 case)
Ireland (ANCTRY1: 5 cases, ANCTRY2: 9 cases)
Norway (ANCTRY1: 54 cases, ANCTRY2: 18 cases)
Switzerland (ANCTRY1: 81 cases, ANCTRY2: 198 cases)

The variables will be corrected in future updates of the integrated ESS7 data file. In the meantime, we advise our users to update the data by replacing ANCTRY1 and ANCTRY2 in the ESS7 - integrated file, edition 2.0 with ANCTRY1 and ANCTRY2 in ESS7 - ancestry variables (ANCTRY1 ANCTRY2), edition 1.0 (for SPSS syntax example, see below. In this example, note that the data files are stored locally in folder "ESS" on the C: drive):

GET FILE "C:\ESS\ESS7e02.sav" /DROP anctry1 anctry2.
 /FILE=" C:\ESS\ESS7ANCe01.sav"
 /BY cntry idno.
SAVE OUT "C:\ESS\ESS7e02_Update.sav".



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