ESS7 Errors in E7 (ALCWKDY) and E8 (ALCWKND) for Israel

A substantial number of respondents (N=336 [ALCWKDY] and N=81 [ALCWKND]) were erroneously assigned missing values rather than substantial code 0 on the harmonised alcohol consumption variables for Israel in the main data file. The correct Israeli data for these two variables is available in the integrated alcohol consumption data file. The variables for Israel will be corrected in future updates of the integrated ESS7 data file. In the meantime, we advise our users to update the data by replacing ALCWKDY and ALCWKND in the ESS7 - integrated file, edition 2.0 with ALCWKDY and ALCWKND in ESS7 - alcohol consumption variables, edition 2.0 (for SPSS syntax example, see below. In this example, note that the data files are stored locally in folder "ESS" on the C: drive):

GET FILE "C:\ESS\ESS7e02.sav" /DROP alcwkdy alcwknd.
 /BY cntry idno.
SAVE OUT "C:\ESS\ESS7e02_Update.sav" /DROP e7_nd to e8_10si.



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