ESS1/ESS7 Translation error in Austria (D10 IMDETBS/D11 IMDETMR)

A serious translation error has been detected in the Austrian translations in round 1 and round 7 related to variables IMDETBS (D36 in ESS1/D10 in ESS7) and IMDETMR (D37 in ESS1/D11 in ESS7).

The phrase "different race or ethnic group" was translated as "the same race or ethnic group", leading to the Austrian translation meaning exactly the opposite from the intention in the source text. Also, in ESS7, the underlining in the Austrian version refers to "another country" and not to "different race and ethnic group".

The Austrian version of the variables will be removed from future releases of the integrated ESS1 and ESS7 data and published in country-specific Austrian data files.



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