ESS7 Error in MBTRU (F39) for Czech Republic

The variable MBTRU (F39, "Member of trade union or similar organisation") for the Czech Republic in ESS7-2014 is incorrectly coded. Respondents in the category 3 ("No") have been erroneously coded as 8 ("Don't know"), while respondents in the category 8 have been coded as 7 ("Refusal"). The variable will be corrected in future updates of the integrated ESS7 data file. See below for suggested temporary solution to the problem.

do if (cntry="CZ").
recode mbtru (8 = 3) (7 = 8).
end if.

recode mbtru (8 .c = 3) (7 .b = .c) if cntry == "CZ"

if cntry= "CZ" then do;
    if mbtru = 8 then mbtru = 3;
    else if mbtru = 7 then mbtru = 8;



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