ESS6 Error in NACE coding for Denmark

The industry variable NACER2 (F31) for Denmark in ESS round 6 contains some errors of classification, and should only be used with great caution. Respondents in the sectors "Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing" or "Mining And Quarrying" have been miscoded into other categories. This means that the following codes are missing:
1 = 'Crop and animal production, hunting and related service activities'
2 = 'Forestry and logging'
3 = 'Fishing and aquaculture'
5 = 'Mining of coal and lignite'
6 = 'Extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas'
7 = 'Mining of metal ores'
8 = 'Other mining and quarrying'
9 = 'Mining support service activities'

The variable will be corrected in future releases of the ESS6 data.



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