ESS6 Error in EMPRF14 (F53) and EMPRM14 (F57) for Italy

The answer categories 1 "Employee" and 2 "Self-employed" were erroneously reversed in the Italian questionnaire so that 1 means "Self-employed" and 2 means "Employee". A recoded version of the variables EMPRF14 (F53) and EMPRM14 (F57) for Italy will be available in future releases of the ESS6 data.

See below for suggested temporary solution to the problem, based on a recoding of edition 2.1 of the ESS6 Integrated file in SPSS (in this example, stored locally in folder "ESS" on the C: drive):

GET FILE 'C:\ESS\ESS6e02_1.sav '.
DO IF cntry="IT".
RECODE emprf14 (1=2) (2=1).
RECODE emprm14 (1=2) (2=1).



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