ESS6 Error in French income variable (HINCTNTA)

For France, variable HINCTNTA (F41) has been deposited with incorrectly coded income categories. See below for suggested temporary solution to the problem, based on a recoding of the most recent version (as of 25th of June 2014) of the integrated file in SPSS and Stata (in this example, stored locally in folder "ESS" on the C: drive):

get file 'C:\ESS\ESS6e02.sav'.
do if (cntry = "FR").
recode hinctnta (5=1) (9=2) (1=3) (7=4) (3=5) (10=6) (6=7) (2=9) (4=10).
end if.

use "C:\ESS\ESS6e02.dta"
recode hinctnta (5=1) (9=2) (1=3) (7=4) (3=5) (10=6) (6=7) (2=9) (4=10) if cntry=="FR"

The error will be corrected in future editions of the ESS data.



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