ESS2 Error in Slovenian income data (GRSPAY and NETPAY)

For Slovenia, variable GRSPAY (G91) and NETPAY (G92) have been deposited without converting national currency to euro. Prior to use in cross-national comparisons, this variable should thus be adjusted by dividing substantial (ie non-missing) values by this formula:

GRSPAY * 1000 / 239.64

NETPAY * 1000 / 239.64

The denominators reflect national conversion rates to euro at the time of fieldwork. Recoded versions of GRSPAY and NETPAY for Slovenia will be available in future releases of the ESS2 data. See below for suggested temporary solution to the problem, based on a recoding of the most recent version (as of 18th of December 2012) of the integrated file in SPSS (in this example, stored locally in folder "ESS" on the C: drive):

GET file 'C:\ESS\ ESS2e03_3.sav'.
IF (CNTRY = "SI" AND 0 < GRSPAY < 6666666) GRSPAY = GRSPAY * 1000 / 239.64.
IF (CNTRY = "SI" AND 0 < NETPAY < 6666666) NETPAY = NETPAY * 1000 / 239.64.



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