ESS6 New edition (1.1) of main data

A new edition (1.1) of data for ESS round 6 was published on the 29th of November 2013.

The new release is due to errors discovered in variables B26 (GINCDIF), B27 (FREEHMS), D2 (OPTFTR), D3 (PSTVMS), D4 (FLRMS), D6 (FLTEEFF), D8 (WRHPP), D10 (ENJLF), D11 (FLTSD), D16 (DCLVLF), D17 (LCHSHCP), D18 (ACCDNG), D19 (WRBKNRM), D23 (DNGVAL), D24 (NHPFTR), D25 (LOTSGOT), D26 (LFWRS), D27 (FLCLPLA) for Hungary. The data from these variables have been removed for Hungary, pending possible future corrections.

ESS6 edition 1.1 data and the updated ESS6 Data Documentation Report (edition 1.2), are available from the data download pages.



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