ESS2 and ESS3 Error in religion variables for the United Kingdom

In ESS rounds 2 and 3, unlike round 1, many interviewers appear not to have probed respondents sufficiently if they simply reported their religion as being "Christian". Rather than asking for more details about the Christian denomination to which the respondent felt they belonged, the interviewer instead used the "Other Christian Denomination" category (category 4). This is likely to apply mainly to respondents belonging to the Anglican church/Church of England. When compared to R1 data, this results in far fewer respondents being coded as category 1 "Protestant", and far more as category 4 "other Christian Denominations". The variables RLGDNM and RLGDNME for the UK round 2 and round 3 will be removed from the integrated file, renamed and included in the country-specific file for the UK.



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