ESS Multilevel Data

The ESS Multilevel Data has been partly funded by the Descartes Research Prize awarded the ESS.

The purpose is to make it easier for the research community to analyse the ESS respondents with reference to the context they live in.

This resource contains data about a) individuals (the ESS respondents) b) regions and c) countries. The ESS survey data is the point of departure for this resource. The purpose is to facilitate the task of adding data on countries and regions to the ESS survey data. More information...

There are two gateways into the data:

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  1. ESS survey data
  2. Country
  3. ESS region1
  1. ESS survey data
  2. Country
  3. ESS region1
  4. NUTS 1
  5. NUTS 2
  6. NUTS 3
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1 = Most countries have a regional variable that is possible to map to the NUTS nomenclature. Some countries use NUTS 1, others NUTS 2 or 3, and the data is therefore collected from different files. More about the ESS regions.


The regional variables are downloaded every second year. The variables downloaded in 2012, have been merged with the ESS4 and ESS5 survey data. The variables downloaded in 2014, have been merged with the ESS6. The variables downloaded in 2016 have been merged with the ESS7. The variables downloaded in 2018 have been merged with the ESS8. The variables downloaded in 2020 have been merged with the ESS9.

We will not update the regional variables already added to an ESS round.

If the datasources have corrected data, it is possible that the same variable will have different values in the data downloaded in 2012 compared to the data downloaded in 2014, 2016, 2018 or 2020.

The downloads may include different variables.