ESS Themes

The ESS questionnaire consists of a collection of questions that can be classified into two main parts – a core section and a rotating section. The core section (also referred to as the ‘core module’) focus on a range of different themes that are largely the same in each round. The rotating section (also known as ‘rotating modules’) is dedicated to specific themes, which are sometimes repeated in later rounds of the ESS.


  R1 2002 R2 2004 R3 2006 R4 2008 R5 2010 R6 2012 R7 2014 R8 2016 R9 2018
Media and social trust
Subjective well-being...
Gender, Household
Socio demographics
Human values
Citizen involvement                
Health and care                
Economic morality                
Family work and well-being              
Timing of life              
Personal ... well-being              
Welfare attitudes              
Social inequalities in health                
Public attitudes to climate change                
Justice and Fairness in Europe