ESS8 - 2016 Deviations - Israel

C12 (RLGDNM), C14 (RLGDNME) : For anonymity reasons respondents belonging to other religions than "Jewish" and "Islam" have been coded to 99 "No answer" .

F1-F4 (HHMMB, GNDR- GNDRN, YRBRN- YRBRNN, RSHIPA2- RSHIPAN): Information in the household grid variables (GNDR- GNDRN, YRBRN- YRBRNN, RSHIPA2- RSHIPAN) have only been recorded for up to 12 persons, resulting in inconsistency between HHMMB and the other household grid variables for one record.

F15 (EDULVLB), F15 (EISCED), F44 (EDULVLPB), F44 (EISCEDP), F52 (EDULVLFB), F52 (EISCEDF), F56 (EDULVLMB), F56 (EISCEDM): The underlying national questionnaire items have changed since previous rounds. Please see Appendix 1 Education.

F61 (ANCTRY1 ANCTRY2): The underlying national questionnaire item (showcard) has changed since previous round. For anonymity reasons a number of cases have been aggregated to a higher level.

REGION: No regional units below country level for anonymity reasons.

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