ESS6 - 2012 Deviations - Poland

F15 (EDULVLB), F15 (EISCED), F44 (EDULVLPB), F44 (EISCEDP), F52 (EDULVLFB), F52 (EISCEDF), F56 (EDULVLMB), F56 (EISCEDM): The following underlying national questionnaire items for respondent, partner, father and mother have changed since ESS5-2010: EDLVEPL, EDLVPEPL, EDLVFEPL, EDLVMEPL. Please see Appendix 1 Education.

Item non-response:

5 cases (idno=1296, 3823, 5015, 6133 and 9158) have more than 50% Refusal, Don't know or No answer in Main questionnaire section of the data.