ESS5 - 2010 Deviations - Finland

F11 (MARSTS): Data for variable F11 MARSTS have been removed due to a filter error in the interviewer code F9 ICPART2. 741 respondents with code 2 "All other" at ICPART2 (does not live with husband/wife/partner) have erroneously been led to ICCOHBT and hence given code 2 and therefore not been asked F11 MARSTS (legal marital satus). Only the 262 respondents currently cohabiting were thus asked question F11.

(MARITALB): As a consequence of MARSTS being removed, MARITALB has not been constructed for Finland.

F34b (RSNLVEM): Filter error. All respondents (N=910) coded 1 on F17a (PDWRK) or 1 (N=63) on F18 (CRPDWK) were erroneously routed away from F34b (RSNLVEM, "Main reason for leaving last employer"). These 973 cases were thus recoded from 66 "Not applicable" to 99 “No answer” on RSNLVEM by the ESS Data Archive.

G33 (LSINTJB): A former version of this question was fielded in Finland, hence the question no longer correspond to the final source questionnaire. The data for LSINTJB for Finland have been omitted from the integrated file.

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