ESS1 - 2002 Deviations - Sweden


More than two languages were reported for LNGHOMA and LNGHOMB. The variables in the data file have been edited in the following way:

If more than one language mentioned in LNGHOMA: second language mentioned in LNGHOMA overwrites data in LNGHOMB.

If one language mentioned in LNGHOMA and more than one language in LNGHOMB: the first language mentioned in the string in LNGHOMB is kept.

In addition the Swedish team reports:

"Another problem with the language question is that second language clearly has been misunderstood by some respondents. Many have mentioned English as the second language spoken at home in spite the fact that they are born in the country and have a partner that is the same etc. I.e. it is likely that many of those that have stated English as a second language spoken at home have in fact stated that they speak English in general, and not if they do so at home."

The deposited variables are avaiable in their original format from a separate country specific file for Sweden.


Incorrect use of filter. Too many respondents were asked the question.

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