ESS1 - 2002 Deviations - Israel

B43-B50 (GINVECO-SCNSENV), D18-D24 (IMWGDWN-IMACRL), D32-D33 (CTBFSMV-IMRSPR), D40-D44 (PPLSTRD-STIMRD), D49-D55 (SHRRFG-RFGBFM) and E1b-E12b (SPTCFRD-OTHVFR) "Don't know" was not included as an option for the interviewers in these questions.

F1-F4 (HHMMB, GNDR- GNDRN, YRBRN- YRBRNN, RSHIP2- RSHIPN): Information in the household grid variables (GNDR- GNDRN, YRBRN- YRBRNN, RSHIP2- RSHIPN) have only been recorded for up to 12 persons, resulting in inconsistency between HHMMB and the other household grid variables for two records.

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