ESS1 - 2002 Deviations - Ireland


In Ireland, question B31 was asking about the Dáil (parliament), not [country] government. The variable has been omitted from the international data file, but is kept in a separate country specific file for Ireland.

F50 (OCCF14), F56 (OCCM14):

The Irish National Team have added category 9=Farmer to these questiones. The variables have been omitted from the international data file and the country specific variables OCCF14IE, OCCM14IE have been included instead.


The question was asked with the scale reversed according to the source questionnaire. The variable has been re-coded by the archive for the answer categories to match the other countries, but researchers should be aware that the question in Ireland was asked with a reversed scale compared to the other countries in the data set.


Category 5 also contains respondents from ISCED-97 category 4.


The categories in Ireland differ from the Data Protocol. Please see

Source Showcards (page 59) and Irish Showcards (page 37) in

ESS Round 1 - Fieldwork documents at The variable has been omitted from the international integrated data file, but is available from a country specific data file for Ireland.


Literal question included on all show cards.

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