ESS1 - 2002 Deviations - Austria

Show cards:

Show cards were not used. In stead, a copy of the questionnaire was handed over to the respondent. In this way all questions and categories were visually presented to the respondent, also questions where show cards should not have been used.

D36 (IMDETBS) and D37 (IMDETMR):

Translation error in the Austrian questionnaire. The phrase "different race or ethnic group" was translated as "the same race or ethnic group", leading to the Austrian translation meaning exactly the opposite from the intention in the source text. The Austrian data for D36 and D37 have been omitted from the integrated data file.The original variables have been renamed into IMDETBAT and IMDETMAT and are available from a separate country specific file for Austria

F21-F23 (ISCOCO):

contains some errors of classification, and should be used with great caution. In round 1 too few respondents were assigned to sub-major group 23 Teaching professional, while too many were assigned to the sub-major groups 33 Teaching associate professionals and 34 Other associate professionals.

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