Call for papers: Time-series analysis


The European Social Survey (ESS) has announced a call for papers ahead of two online events being held next year.

We are looking for researchers to showcase analysis of data collected in our core questionnaire covering any time period during the first 20 years of our survey (2002-22).

As part of a new programme of events funded by the Horizon 2020 project, ESS-SUSTAIN-2 (grant agreement number 676166), afternoon webinars will be held on the first Tuesday of February, April and June 2023.

This open call is for research to be presented at two of these online events, taking place from 1-5pm (GMT) on Tuesday 4 April and Tuesday 6 June 2023.

We are particularly interested in research on data only collected as part of the core questionnaire. Namely:

Research that considers one or more of these topics in a time-series context will be considered for inclusion as part of the agenda for the April and June webinars.

We will also consider analysis of our data on democracy, immigration, welfare and wellbeing but only if the research focuses primarily on these items in the core questionnaire, and not from the rotating modules on the same topics.

Rotating module design teams on democracy; family, work and wellbeing; immigration; personal and social wellbeing; timing of life; and welfare will present their findings at the event on Tuesday 7 February 2023.

Submissions for the April and June events should be no longer than 500 words (including up to three keywords) and should describe the research and propose an outline of the presentation.

Applicants should also state a preference for which event they would prefer to attend.

The deadline for abstracts is Wednesday 30 November. Abstracts should be sent via email.

Successful applicants will be notified in January 2023.

This call is now closed.

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