Round 10 data coming soon


The first data collected during European Social Survey (ESS) Round 10 will be published in June 2022.

This initial release will only include data from around a third of the 32 participating countries. 

A second data release - planned for November 2022 - will contain data from a much larger number of countries.

Due to measures implemented to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus, our fieldwork period was longer than usual, with data collected from September 2020 up until May 2022.

In several countries where face-to-face interviews were not possible, the Round 10 questionnaire was fielded using self-completion methods.

As such, self-completion data - collected either using a sequential web - paper or a concurrent web and paper design - will be published in a separate dataset at the end of 2022.

Countries that undertook fieldwork using only self-completion methods are: Austria, Cyprus, Germany, Israel, Latvia, Poland, Serbia, Spain and Sweden.

As the Round 10 data processing is still ongoing, please note that the countries included in each data release will be only confirmed a few weeks in advance of the related publication dates.

Our Round 10 questionnaire included our core questionnaire, fielded in every round.

It also included two rotating modules: Europeans’ understandings and evaluations of democracy and Digital social contacts in work and family life 

Additionally, a special COVID-19 module was fielded by countries on a voluntary basis.

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