Analyse Round 9 Russian data


Although Russia did not formally take part in Round 9 (2018/19) of our survey, you can now access data collected by the Institute for Comparative Social Research (CESSI).

ESS related studies are an opportunity for non-affiliated countries to apply to replicate sections of our biennial survey.

Following a successful application, CESSI fielded questions that we included in the latest edition of our survey - on the timing of life events and fairness of income.

The data was collected at the same time as Round 9 fieldwork took place in the majority of participating countries.

CESSI were also able to field questions included in our module measuring the socio-demographics of respondents.

This Russian data is available to download from the CESSI data archive.

Our Related Studies section provides access to data that is deemed relevant to our user community but is not part of our official data and documentation.

These studies have either replicated our questions, are developed in cooperation with the ESS or include directly relevant data.

Other data available as a related study was collected by the South African Social Attitudes Survey (SASAS) and the General Social Survey (GSS) in the United States.

The collecton of data in this way must meet certain methodological requirements, including ethical considerations and data protection safeguards.

All related studies must commit to using random probability methods during sampling, depositing the data in a national archive and providing a documentation report.

If you would like to be considered as a related study, complete the summary information form and send it to the ESS via email.

Studies wishing to be considered are expected to discuss their intention with the ESS prior to commencing fieldwork.

Countries within the European Research Area would normally be expected to field our survey as a formal ESS ERIC Member, Observer or Guest rather than as a related study.

Russia have formally participated in five rounds of our survey - the most recent in Round 8 (2016/7) - and this data is available on our website.

Data collected as a related study is available through the CESSI data archive for Round 7 (2014/15) and Round 9.

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