ESS User Community reaches 100,000


100,000 people have now registered with the ESS since 2002 to view or download all our survey data, available for free online.

The milestone was reached in mid-December 2016, with the overwhelming majority of registered users based in academia.

Of the 100,600 registered users as of 19 December 2016, 64% are students; 19% belong to a faculty or are researchers and 7.5% are undertaking a PhD thesis.

2.7% registered as private individuals; 1.7% belong to Governments across Europe; 1.7% belong to non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and a further 1.4% are in private enterprise.

The highest number of users are based in Germany - in fact, this group accounts for more than 10% of the total registered users (10,268 of 100,600).

ESS data is also popular amongst those in Belgium (8% of all ESS users); the United Kingdom (8%); the Netherlands (6%); United States (5%); Spain (5%) and Norway (5%).

When it comes to downloading the data for use in a statistical analysis programme such as SPSS or R, 69,830 of the registered users have downloaded all or some of the ESS data available online.

Again, the highest proportion of these users are based in Germany - with 11% of all ESS data downloaders registered in the country.

UK users are the second most likely to download data (8% of all ESS downloaders) with Belgium and the Netherlands close behind (almost 7% each).

Round 1 (2002) files are the most popular to download, followed by files from Round 6 (2012).

A version of the Cumulative Data File has been downloaded on almost 13,000 occasions. The most recent Cumulative Data File - comprising rounds 1 to 7 - was released in early December 2016.

Information about ESS registered users is updated monthly on the ESS website

Become a user of ESS data for free following a simple registration

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