ESS in the United Kingdom

Key Individuals in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is represented in the ESS by its National Coordinator Alun Humphrey from NatCen Social Research.

He is assisted in this role by Natalie Maplethorpe from NatCen Social Research.

Fieldwork for Round 9 of the ESS in the UK was conducted by NatCen Social Research. 

Queries about the ESS in the UK should be sent to Alun Humphrey at

Particpation in the ESS

The UK has participated in every round of the ESS to date:

ESS1 2002, ESS2 2004, ESS3 2006, ESS4 2008, ESS5 2010, ESS6 2012, ESS7 2014, ESS 8 2016, ESS 9 2018