Rotating modules

Call for Proposals

The call for proposals for rotating modules to be fielded as part of ESS Round 9 is now closed. Selected modules will be announced in July 2016. Next call for ESS Round 10 Question Module Design Teams is expected in autumn 2017.

ESS Round 9 call documents for rotating modules can be found here. Note that the application procedure and details may change for ESS Round 10.

Successful applications for previous rotating modules:

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ESS Round 5 | ESS Round 6 | ESS Round 7 | ESS Round 8

Documenting the design process

Since ESS4 (2008), the design and development of a rotating module has been fully documented through a questionnaire design template. The final template that is produced shows the concepts underpinning the design of the module as well as the wording of the final questions included in the survey.

Final questionnaire design template for ESS7 (2014):

Final questionnaire design template for ESS6 (2012):

Final questionnaire design template for ESS5 (2010):

Final questionnaire design templates for ESS4 (2008):