Call for Round 10 Question Module Design Teams

Multi-national teams of researchers with an interest in comparative social science are invited to submit applications for modules of questions to be fielded as part of Round 10 of the European Social Survey (ESS).

The ESS questionnaire consists of two elements: a core module of substantive and socio-demographic items which remains the same across rounds; and two rotating modules, of up to 30 items each, which vary from round to round. Each rotating module covers a single academic and/or policy concern within Europe and is drafted by a competitively selected team. The chosen Question Module Design Teams (QDTs) work closely with the Core Scientific Team (CST) of the ESS to develop their rotating modules.

Successful applications for previous rotating modules are available here.

Types of application sought

Multi-national teams are invited to apply for the opportunity to design a module of 30 items addressing a topic of academic and/or policy relevance across Europe to be included in Round 10 of the ESS.

Teams must include a minimum of three and up to five subject specialists. Team members should be based in at least three different ESS countries with at least one team member from an ESS ERIC Member or Observer country (see Appendix 2 in the Call Specification).

Applications are invited for new and repeat modules.

New modules may either cover a wholly new topic to the ESS OR cover a topic or module that has previously been included but using a different approach.

Repeat modules provide an opportunity to explore how attitudes and behaviour towards a given topic may have changed over time. At least two-thirds of the items in the repeat module must be administered in an identical format to those in the earlier module.

How to apply

For Round 10 there is a two stage application process for rotating modules. The application process is the same regardless of whether a new or repeat module is proposed, although the information required for each type of proposal differs slightly.

Applicants should read the Call Specification and appropriate guidance for applicants carefully before applying.

Stage 1: Eligible teams interested in applying for either a new or a repeat module are invited to submit a short proposal outlining: the relevance and timeliness of their proposed module for cross-national research, its suitability to be fielded as part of the ESS, and their credentials as a potential Question Module Design Team (QDT).

The deadline for Stage 1 applications is 18th January 2018.

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) to the ESS ERIC will decide which Stage 1 proposals meet the criteria to be shortlisted. Their decision is final. Shortlisted teams will then be invited to submit a full proposal at Stage 2. The SAB will select two rotating modules from the proposals submitted at Stage 2.


Call documents

For teams invited to submit a Stage 2 application:


For queries regarding this call please email or contact Sarah Butt on +44 (0) 20 7040 4162.