Monitoring National Contexts

All survey responses can be affected by timing and context, but certain types of attitudinal data are particularly prone to such effects. The ESS facilitates the integration of national and European-level contextual data into the datasets in order to increase their analytic power and to help identify national variations that owe more to exogenous factors than to underlying attitudinal differences.

Media Claims

Monitoring and recording contextual data within the ESS started in Round 1. The previous approach adopted was event data collection, which did not prove to be sufficiently robust or comprehensive to be adopted widely. Insights from communications research have been used to improve the monitoring and recording of contextual data within the ESS since Round 5.

As of ESS Round 6, a more user-friendly tool for the systematic cross-national recording of events was developed and applied in ESS Rounds 6 to 8. This approach involved the recording of media claims. Additional details on the ESS media claims methodology can be found in the documents linked in the sidebar.

As of ESS Round 9, media claims data is no longer being collected as part of the ESS.

Queries about media claims should be directed to the media claims email address.