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Measurement equivalence in comparative survey research

Diana Zavala-Rojas, a member of the European Social Survey Core Scientific Team based at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, has written about measurement equivalence in surveys. READ MORE >>


Reflections on QDET2

ESS Director, Dr. Rory Fitzgerald, attended QDET2 last month. Here, he reflects on some of the excellent papers presented at the conference and highlights some of the opportunities and challenges facing survey methodologists. READ MORE >>


Intergenerational social mobility in Europe

In this guest post, Marii Paskov, Erzsébet Bukodi and Brian Nolan write about intergenerational social mobility: the socio-economic position occupied compared with the socio-economic position in which they were brought up. READ MORE >>


Cross-country variations in happiness

In our first ever guest blog, Marion Burkimsher writes about happiness levels across Europe, over the history of the ESS, based on a question about happiness asked in all seven rounds. READ MORE >>